WyoBio Mobile

Citizen Science = Science for Everyone!

WyoBio: Contribute your animal, bird, plant, insect and fungi observations! The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative (WyoBio) is a project intended to connect all citizens and visitors in Wyoming USA with information about biodiversity - contribute your species observations while you are on a hike, or from your backyard. Snap a photo, select a species from the list, and submit your information. This mobile app is part of a broader project and map application. Visit our website for additional information.

University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute

The Biodiversity Institute is responsible for the vision, educational components and promotion of WyoBio.

Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

WyGISC is responsible for all technical components of WyoBio.


The WyoBio Mobile Application was built using wq. wq is a modular, open source framework for building custom offline-capable mobile-friendly web apps for citizen science, crowdsourcing, and volunteered geographic information.